Child marriage in West and Central Africa

| May 2, 2022

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This resource from UNICEF provides data and analysis on child marriages in West and Central Africa. Child marriage is still a significant issue in this region, and has adverse effects on the education, health, and overall development of adolescents and youth. 

This resource provides information on:

  • The scale of child marriage.
  • Disparities between rich and poor in levels of child marriage.
  • Trends and projections for the future.

The resource also highlights key actions required to address child marriage, including:

  • Ensuring that child marriage is a national, regional, and continental priority.
  • Investing in the education and health of young people, particularly young girls.
  • Scaling up evidence-based models that work to address child marriage.
  • Addressing population dynamics and demographics.

This resource is available in English and French. To access the full resource, go to:

Photo credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID.