Chicken diseases

| June 9, 2019

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This week’s Resource is an Issue pack (now called a Backgrounder) designed to give radio broadcasters the information needed to create effective and entertaining radio programs about chicken diseases and how to deal with them.

It talks about chickens in Mali, but you can easily adapt the information to other sub-Saharan African countries.

The Issue pack begins with this introduction, then Section 2 presents two true stories of farmers dealing with chicken diseases in Mali.

Section 3 presents background information on the production part of the chicken value chain.

Finally, in section 4, we list sources for further information on dealing with chicken diseases. We include resource organizations, online radio programs, online videos, and online documents.

You can use the information in this Issue pack in many ways. For example:

• You could use the stories in section 2 as a starting point for creating your own local programming on dealing with chicken diseases. You could interview farmers who raise chickens, and experts with specialized knowledge on dealing with chicken diseases.

• You can use the information in section 3 as background material for any program on chicken diseases.

• You could contact one or more of the organizations listed in section 4 for further information, or to interview experts.

• You could use the audio and video resources and online documents in section 4 to help you create programs on dealing with chicken diseases.

Note: This Issue pack uses some technical terms. When a technical term—for example, virulent*—is used, it is followed by an asterisk. All terms followed by an asterisk are defined in the Glossary at the end of the issue pack.