‘Changing seasons’: Using radio to communicate and exchange knowledge on the fight against climate change in Congo Basin forests

    | June 17, 2013

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    Information on how the changing climate is affecting forests is not readily available in Central Africa. The science of climate change evolves quickly, and it is hard to keep up. Most available information does not reach a wider audience.

    Radio remains the most effective means of communication, because it is available to almost everyone and is relatively inexpensive.

    “Changing seasons” is a radio program designed by the Centre for International Forestry Research, which uses a debate format to provide policymakers, practitioners and local communities in the Congo Basin with important information on climate change. It is broadcast monthly by the national radio network, Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), which has nationwide coverage.

    The program invites participants to speak about the topic of the month. Decision makers and local communities have the opportunity to participate, learn and interact on climate change and sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin.

    To access these radio programs, visit http://www.cifor.org/cobam/multimedia/radio.html and follow the links.