Broadcaster how-to guide: Interviewing experts – Best practices for broadcasters and experts

| October 30, 2017

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This week’s Resource is a Broadcaster how-to guide about interviewing experts.

How can effectively interviewing experts help me serve my listeners better?

– It ensures that my listeners get the most relevant and up-to-date information.
– It reinforces listeners’ knowledge and experience by referring to research and technical information, or to valuable traditional knowledge.
– It can give listeners more confidence that they are using effective farming practices, or help them change less effective practices.
– It can help listeners gain new knowledge and understand new practices.
– It can encourage listeners to speak to extension officers and other experts in their communities.

How can it help me produce better programs?

– It encourages collaboration between the radio team and experts.
– It ensures the regular participation of experts in my radio programs.

This BH2 has 10 sections, including:
1. Be prepared
2. Beginnings and endings
3. Be respectful
4. Use good interviewing techniques
5. Is there a difference between interviews with experts and interviews with farmers?
6. Conflicts of interest, different perspectives on knowledge
7. Troubleshooting
8. Navigating traditional customs and other kinds of barriers to a good interview
9. Men interviewing women and women interviewing men
10. Build the relationship

To read the Broadcaster how-to guide, please see: