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Broadcaster how-to guide: How to deal with sensitive issues on air

As a broadcaster, you likely talk about a wide range of topics on the air. Many of these are not particularly sensitive or controversial. But many are.

It is important to remember that what may seem like a normal, everyday issue for some people may be highly sensitive for others. Often, this sensitivity relates to culture, to religious background, gender, or age. As broadcasters, we need to take into account the sensitivities of our listeners and develop programs that address their needs in a way that makes them feel comfortable and allows them to participate freely in programs.

How can effectively dealing with sensitive issues help me serve my listeners better?

How can effectively dealing with sensitive issues help me produce better programs?

http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/111-farm-radio-resource-pack/bh2-deal-sensitive-issues-air/ [1]

This Broadcaster how-to guide was produced in the context of a Burkina Faso-based project that aims to contribute to improving the sexual and reproductive health, nutritional status, and well-being of adolescents aged 10 to 19 in Burkina Faso. There are many types of sensitive issues that broadcasters deal with on the radio: social issues, agricultural issues, gender issues, and many others. This document talks mostly, though not exclusively, about the issues that were the focus of the project.