Broadcaster how-to doc: Use VOICE standards to improve your farmer program

| September 14, 2015

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Radio is a great tool for communicating with African farmers. It reaches most of them. It can provide important and timely information in local languages. And radio (especially when coupled with mobile phones) can give farmers a powerful voice in development.

But radio is not always effective. In fact, farmer programs often fall far short.
– The voices of farmers are rarely heard.
– “Experts,” on the other hand, are featured and respected, whether they are helpful or not.
– Program hosts are disdainful of farmers, whom they see as inferior to themselves.
– Important issues are ignored or avoided because they are complex, or sensitive, or require additional resources.
– Broadcasters are given little or no training, and are expected to produce effective programs with little or no guidance or support.
– And much farm broadcasting is very boring to listen to!

This broadcaster how-to guide provides a set of standards that will help you create, and then regularly review, your farmer program.

You can read the Broadcaster-how-to doc here: