Broadcaster how-to doc: How to create an effective call-in program

| January 11, 2016

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A call-in is a radio format that gives many listeners an opportunity to comment live on a topic of interest. A call-in can be one segment within a radio program, or it can be a radio program on its own. “Phone-in” is often used in place of “call-in.” The two terms mean the same thing.

Call-ins help broadcasters serve their listeners better by:

  • increasing the amount of information listeners have on an important topic, and the range of opinions on the topic they’re familiar with
  • helping listeners form opinions on important topics
  • emboldening listeners to speak on air about important issues, and be heard
  • helping the listener community make progress on problems
  • creating the conditions for the community to share an emotional moment

Call-ins can help broadcasters produce better programs by:

  • providing evidence on how important (or unimportant) a topic is for listeners, and whether (or not) broadcasters should cover it more in the future
  • introducing broadcasters to knowledgeable, opinionated, articulate listeners who can be interviewed in future programs

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