Broadcaster how-to doc: How to conduct an effective interview

| May 9, 2016

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As broadcasters, you conduct interviews every week to gather content for your program, talking to farmers, experts, and government officials. But how can you ensure that your interview is effective?

An effective radio interview is a conversation in which you gather information, opinion, and emotion from the interviewee that is important for your listeners to hear.

Through interviews, listeners can hear from people making the news, including the voices of men and women farmers like themselves. Effective interviews ensure that listeners hear an interesting conversation that entertains and informs.

To be a good interviewer, you need to be a good researcher and a good listener who is prepared for an interesting discussion, and can capture the essence of what the interviewee is saying.

In this broadcaster how-to doc, you will learn more about the eight steps of an effective interview:

– Decide on the purpose of the interview

– Choose an interviewee who has something to say

– Plan your questions in advance

– Engage the interviewee

– Be a good listener

– Keep control of the interview

– Respect your interviewee

– Edit down the essence if it’s too long