Backgrounder: Fall armyworm

| December 18, 2017

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This week’s Farmer story from Tanzania highlights what researchers, government, and farmers are doing to prepare for a Fall armyworm infestation.

Fall armyworm isn’t just a threat in Tanzania. It has reached 26 African countries and experts say it will likely spread further over the coming months, destroying billions of dollars’ worth of maize and other crops.

If farmers want to successfully manage this new pest, they need to identify it early. But many farmers aren’t sure what Fall armyworm looks like, or how to get rid of it. Radio broadcasters can have a big impact by providing this information to their rural listeners.

This week’s Resource is a Farm Radio International Backgrounder about Fall armyworm. It includes photos, key facts, a description of the Fall armyworm lifecycle, and other information that can help farmers understand and manage this pest.

It also contains suggestions for broadcasters about why and how to cover this important topic on air.

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