Audio postcards: Farm Radio International’s messages to you

    | August 4, 2014

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    Farm Radio International continues to produce audio postcards to inform you about the work we do with farmers and broadcasters. Why not check out three of our latest offerings?

    In Ghanaian farmers capitalized on ICT to connect with markets, Farm Radio International (Ghana) ICT officer Nathaniel Ofori describes how a recently completed project, Purchase for Progress, used radio and ICT to improve the knowledge and skills of members of farmer organizations. The project focused on sustainably producing high-quality staple foods — particularly maize and cowpea — and post-harvest handling of these crops for home consumption and for sale at local markets. You can listen to the audio postcard here:

    Learning how to beep to vote in Burkina Faso introduces a new Participatory Radio Campaign that encourages farmers to produce orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. The project was launched in Orodara, a town in the southwest of the country, where a local radio station broadcasts the show. You can hear more about the campaign from Emma Bider at:

    Like many other young people in rural areas in Africa, Mamadou Diarra left his village of Ballan, Mali, to make money in the city. But the city did not live up to his dreams and he soon returned home. You can hear Mamadou’s story in Meet FarmQuest candidate Mamadou Diarra at this link:

    To access all of FRI’s audio postcards, go to: