Audio guides to make media coverage more sensitive to gender-based violence

| August 28, 2017

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Whether they’re covering a new irrigation project, access to vegetable markets, or farmers struggling to pay their children’s school fees, radio broadcasters deal daily with subjects that affect women and men, boys and girls in a variety of ways. Digging deeper sometimes reveals that gender-based violence, or GBV, is one of the challenges facing farming families.

But many journalists, even if they have experienced GBV themselves, are unsure what key terms mean or how to talk about these sensitive issues on the radio.

Search for Common Ground has created audio guides to help journalists understand key concepts and make their reporting more GBV-sensitive.

The guides encourage journalists to ask themselves questions such as:

  • Do you consciously seek out the voices of women? Do you treat women sources the same way as you treat men?
  • When asking policy-related questions, do you consider the different impacts on women and men?
  • Do you consider secondary violence that may be caused to women in powerless positions when you plan how to write a story? Do you discuss this with them and find ways around it?
  • Do you use a story on gender violence not just to highlight the plight of the individuals concerned, but also the underlying issues?
  • Whose stories are being told? Whose stories are not being told?
  • Is all the information included relevant to the story? Is there information missing that would help us better understand the story?

The GBV-sensitive media coverage guidelines are available in both French and English here: