Audio guide: ‘Gender-based violence sensitive media coverage’ by Search for Common Ground

    | November 25, 2013

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    The media generally do not do a good job of covering violence against women. Women are often presented as sex objects, and the media fail to link gender-based violence to underlying issues of human rights, gender equality, and national development. This failure can result in sensationalist reporting which does not lead to a deeper understanding of the issues involved.

    Issues such as human trafficking, and the spread of pornography and violence against women through new technologies are under-reported in African media, and in media all over the world. Narrow, sensationalist reporting on sexual and gender-based violence can contribute to further stigmatization of, or retaliation against, victims of violence.

    This audio guide was designed to help journalists and media workers produce better programming on gender-based violence, and cover stories about survivors of violence in an appropriate and sensitive manner, without compromising the rights of their subjects.

    The guide is divided into two parts. The first discusses the concepts of gender and gender-based violence and considers how violence against women often has a cultural context. The second part aims to assist journalists to report on survivors and gender-based violence.

    To listen to the guide in English or French, visit:

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