AgriCultures Network: Magazines and resources on sustainable agriculture

    | April 18, 2011

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    The AgriCultures Network is an independent network of organizations that publish, network and lobby for small-scale sustainable farming. The Network provides resources and information on small-scale agriculture which broadcasters may find useful for their programming: magazines, documentation and a series of downloadable modules on sustainable small-scale farming.

    Farming Matters is a global magazine on small-scale family farming for a sustainable world. The magazine offers discussions, background to the news, and practical examples of how sustainable, small-scale farming contributes to food security, social justice, a healthy environment, and development. The AgriCultures Network also produces regional magazines with local experiences in French, English, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and Mandarin. Read all the issues online:

    On the website, you can also read the blog and subscribe to an electronic newsletter. These resources bring you comments and updates on agriculture and development, and inform you when a new magazine is uploaded.

    The regional edition published in Kenya (in English) is called Baobab. For further information, contact:

    Arid Lands Information Network
    AAYMCA Building, Ground Floor,
    State House Crescent off State House Avenue
    PO Box 10098 – 00100
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Tel: +254 (020) 2731557

    The regional edition published in Senegal (in French) is called AGRIDAPE. For further information, contact:

    IED Afrique

    24, Sacré Cœur III
    BP 5579 Dakar Fann – SENEGAL
    Tel: +(221) 33 867 10 58

    The AgriCultures Network’s “Documentation” program provides tools and trainings for documenting and upscaling best practices. Visit the site to read case studies:

    “Learning Agricultures” is the title of an educational series on sustainable agriculture for higher education. Six modules are available for free download, covering topics such as soils and water, cropping systems, livestock, marketing and finances, and labour and energy. Each module contains practical learning tools such as games, case studies, videos and farmer interviews. To download the modules, visit: