Africa Science Focus podcast

| August 31, 2020

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SciDev.Net has a new English-language podcast focusing on science and health issues in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The French-language version was launched in July 2019, and already has 46 episodes available.

The first three English-language episodes discuss COVID-19, abortion laws, and agricultural innovators reshaping Zambia.

The podcast gives policy-makers, development practitioners, academics, and the general public a weekly insight into the impact that science is having in Africa’s least-developed countries. SciDev.Net says the goal is to both give African researchers the opportunity to highlight their research and to give African journalists a space where they can report on science. It’s also a great place for journalists to learn about the latest research.

SciDev.Net sub-Saharan Africa English editor Ochieng’ Ogodo says: “Africa Science Focus is about life: it is about science and health and will candidly discuss issues that are important to the people in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

“We will look at some of the unique challenges and successes in health and science in the region, in a free and independent communication with global audiences. This is yet another exciting milestone in SciDev.Net’s growth and commitment to providing news, views, and analysis about science and technology in the developing world.”

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The French-language podcast, Santé, Science et Développement, has recently discussed the bubonic plague, COVID-19 symptoms, the value of wearing masks, traditional medicine, and more. Find the French series here: