Access Agriculture videos on fish feed

| December 5, 2016

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Fish feed can be expensive. Two of this week’s Farmer stories share techniques for using insects as food for fish and poultry. There are a variety of ways to make affordable feed for fish. Access Agriculture has created several videos related to fish farming, including one on preparing low-cost feed concentrate.

This video explains how to make feed from a base of grains—like maize, sorghum, or millet—plus protein and fat. The video is available in English and French. Watch it, or download the transcript, here:

Check out this video on managing water quality in ponds, which also discusses why supplementary feeding is crucial to boosting fish production. The video is available in several languages, including Chichewa, English, French, Mooré, Sena, Tumbuka, and Yao. See the video, or download the transcript, here:

Photo credit: Access Agriculture