24 Hours in a Newsroom: Tips for making run sheets

| August 22, 2016

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24 Hours in a Newsroom is a website that documents the work of journalists in a variety of newsrooms, including television, radio, web, and newspaper. It is a great resource for understanding how other newsrooms work and for finding tools to use in your newsroom.

An important tool for a radio newsroom is a Run Sheet, or Running-Order Sheet.

A run sheet details the plan for a program, helping producers, hosts, and others involved in the show to understand the plan and ensure that items go on air in the right order. Some programs may have a producer or engineer responsible for playing recorded audio pieces or for turning mics on and off. The run sheet ensures that the broadcaster and engineer follow the same schedule. But, even if you are hosting a show alone, a run sheet is a great tool for ensuring that you have all your items for the broadcast—and for ensuring you stay on schedule.

Once all the scripts and news items have been written and the audio elements identified, the broadcast can be packaged. The run sheet will be the last document written before going on air.

It should outline the item, the running time, and the file name of the related audio piece to be played (so you can find it quickly while on air!).

Check out the tips and sample run sheet on 24 Hours in a Newsroom: http://www.24hdansuneredaction.com/en/radio/16-the-running-order-sheet/