United Nations Journalism Awards

    | August 27, 2012

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    The United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) invites media professionals worldwide to submit entries for the 17th Annual UNCA Awards. There are four award categories. Journalists are invited to submit work in print, internet, radio or television, covering the U.N. and its agencies in any capacity, and published in the last year.

    The total amount of prizes is over $50,000, with $10,000 each for the main categories. The UN Correspondent Association welcomes entries from the developing world media. A written transcript will assist judging of radio entries. Multiple or joint entries are accepted.

    Entries not in one of the official languages of the U.N. should be accompanied by a translation into English or French.

    Deadline for applications: September 15, 2012.

    For more information on how to apply, visit: http://cms.unca.com/content/view/115/10/