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United Kingdom-based internship, fellowship

1) SciDev.Net Science Journalism Award
All English-speaking journalists with an interest in science reporting and its impact on decision makers in developing countries are invited to apply. The winner will receive a six-month internship placement with SciDev.Net, consisting of three months based in SciDev.Net’s office in London, England, and three months travelling and working on behalf of SciDev.Net in one or more developing countries. The deadline for applying is June 20, 2008.
For more information, visit: http://www.scidev.net/en/announcements/idrc-scidev-net-science-journalism-award-2008.html [1].

2) One World Fellowship Scheme
The One World Fellowship Scheme is aimed at senior radio and television broadcasters from developing countries, and brings a group of senior broadcasters to the United Kingdom for a two-week period every year. During this time they meet various people from the British media sector – from program makers and journalists to regulators and government officials – to learn about the media scene in the UK, and to share their own perspective on the role of the media in their countries and around the world.
Details on how to apply for the 2008 One World Fellowship Scheme will appear in mid-July 2008 on this website: http://www.owbt.org/pages/Fellowships/fellowship_apply.html [2]