February 18-21, 2009: Science Communication Conference in South Africa

    | January 5, 2009

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    African journalists are invited to register for the 2nd Science Communication Conference: Shaping Africa’s Future, to take place February 18-21 near Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference is organized by the South African Agency for Science and Technology, which seeks to promote public understanding of science and technology development in Africa. Topics will include: science and the media; biodiversity; biotechnology and indigenous knowledge; energy, water, and desertification; and information and communication technologies.

    The early-bird registration deadline is January 9. The cost for early registration is 2,000 South African rand (about 215 American dollars or 160 Euros). After January 9, the fee is 2,800 South African rand (about 300 American dollars or 220 Euros). For more information, visit: http://www.saasta.ac.za/2ndascc/index.shtml.