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September 4, 2009: Deadline to submit works to 30th annual Global Media Awards

The Population Institute, an American NGO, is calling all journalists, authors, editors, filmmakers, electronic game designers, and other media professionals to submit their work for the 30th annual Global Media Awards.
The works can come in many forms – an article, a series of articles, a book, radio show, film, online news service, TV show, editorial cartoon or mini-series, electronic or online game, among others – and should raise awareness of population problems.

The work must have been published or aired between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009. Winners will receive their award as part of an all-expense paid trip to Washington, United States.
For more information, contact Jennie Wetter at jwetter@populationinstitute.org [1]  or visit http://www.populationinstitute.org/programs/gma [2].