Rolling deadline: Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) scholarships

    | May 31, 2010

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    This scholarship exchange program assists media practitioners in all areas of media (managerial, editorial, advertising, and technical) to work at other media institutions in South Africa to learn new skills and develop existing ones. MISA may also consider individuals who are involved in human rights organizations in a media capacity for the program.

    The scholarship is geared towards journalists, media managers, editors, advertising executives, media entrepreneurs, and production staff. The exchange program places participants with media outlets for internships lasting up to three months. Travel and other costs are covered by MISA. All applicants must be members of MISA.

    Membership fees:
    -individual members such as, journalists, activists, students, etc. R 350 (about 45 US dollars)
    -stakeholders R2000 (about 260 US dollars)
    -On–air licensed radio stations R 1000 (about 130 US dollars)
    -Off–air licensed radio stations R 500 (around 65 US dollars)
    -newspapers/magazines R 1000 (about 130 US dollars)

    For more information about MISA Scholarships, visit: