Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards

    | August 10, 2009

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    The Radio for Peacebuilding Africa (RFPA) Awards 2009 recognize the best radio programs that contribute to peace in Africa. According to the RFPA website, the awards celebrate programs which reduce tensions in groups and communities, enhance and give value to shared interests, break down listener stereotypes, and/or provide positive role models.

    There are five award categories:
    -Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Community Radio Award
    -Radio for Peacebuilding Gender Award
    -Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Children’s Award
    -Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Youth Award
    -Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Special Award
    For a full description of each category, click here:

    Entries must be received by September 30, 2009. Three prizes will be awarded in each category, as follows: first prize 250 Euros (approximately 355 American dollars), second prize100 Euros (approximately 140 American dollars), and third prize 50 Euros (approximately 70 American dollars).

    -For more information on the Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards 2009, click here:
    -To listen to the winning programs from 2006, visit: