Permaculture design course offered in Swahili in Arusha, Tanzania – April 8-19, 2013

    | March 24, 2013

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    Permaculture is a system designed to improve sustainability and self-reliance. It incorporates solutions for agricultural production, generating income and protecting the environment.

    The NGO Foodwatershelter ( is offering a Permaculture Design Certificate course in Swahili. It will be held in Arusha, Tanzania from April 8-19, 2013. During the course, students will visit projects in the Arusha area, and gain hands-on experience of permaculture on Foodwatershelter’s farms.

    The course, presented entirely in Swahili, will be facilitated by Joseph Ntunyoi and Nicholas Syano, who are qualified permaculture trainers from the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (

    During the course, students will learn about livestock, organic vegetable gardens, aquaculture ponds, food forests, poultry systems, compost toilets and rainwater systems. Students will gain knowledge and skills which can be transferred to their communities or organizations.

    The course costs $500 US, and some scholarships and discounts are available for East Africa-based students.

    For further information, email or telephone Mudi on +255 (0)756 266299 (Tanzania), or Elin on +254 (0)712 011775 (Kenya).