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Opportunity to report on tropical health issues

The Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, in Belgium, is offering an opportunity for a talented journalist to travel to Belgium to learn about issues in tropical medicine and global health. This two-week journalist-in-residence program is open to print, broadcast, and online journalists.

The program is an opportunity to work on a project related to tropical medicine and global health, with access to experts in biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, and public health through the institute. Past winners came from Kenya, India, and Uganda, and wrote and published stories about Ebola, tuberculosis, malaria, and other topics.

The online application form must be completed in English and include a description of the proposed reporting project. Applications are due June 30.

Learn more here: http://www.itg.be/E/Article/call-for-itms-4th-journalist-in-residence-programme-is-open [1]