November 17-28, 2008: Virtual Forum on mobile telephony in rural areas

    | November 3, 2008

    Download this story is a global initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development and food security by improving the use of information, communication, and associated technologies. Virtual forums are one of the ways in which the initiative enables members to exchange opinions, experiences, good practices, and resources.

    From November 17-18, 2008, will host a virtual forum on the topic of mobile telephony in rural areas. As organizers describe the situation: “Mobile phones are the success story of bridging the rural digital divide, bringing tangible economic benefits and acting as agents of social mobilization through improved communication. But what are the real challenges that face reaching rural areas, and what are some of today’s most beneficial applications that can help these rural communities, specifically regarding agriculture development.” This forum will examine the challenges that rural communities face in enhancing the benefits of mobile telephony, and look at some examples of interesting initiatives and good outcomes from around the globe.

    For more information and to learn how to participate, visit: