Mobile phone-based survey: call for assistance in translation and recording

    | May 26, 2014

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    VOTO Mobile is a Ghana-based social enterprise with staff in Ghana, Canada, and the United States. The company is responsible for developing the technology which FRI uses to conduct voice polls/surveys in Tanzania and Ghana and, soon, in other countries. If you are one of FRI’s 500 broadcast partners, you may have recently received a call from us asking a few questions – this survey was conducted with VOTO’s system.

    VOTO Mobile’s mission is to increase participation, transparency and accountability related to services delivered to citizens, and to empower communities to collect and share information through mobile phones to drive positive social change.

    The company wants to gauge the opinions of citizens in seven African countries. What do farmers and others think their governments and the international donor community should be prioritizing to develop their industries and lives? By researching and publishing this information, VOTO hopes to make it easier for donors to understand people’s priorities. The information gained from the surveys may also put pressure on donors to justify their priorities when they don’t line up with what people want.

    In order to accomplish these aims, VOTO Mobile plans to conduct an 11-question mobile phone survey in Burkina Faso, Chad, DRC, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal, and Zimbabwe. VOTO needs translators to translate the survey questions from English into French and over twenty local African languages. Are you interested in helping?

    Survey responses will also need to be translated and transcribed in English, and survey translators are welcome to join this work too. Finally, VOTO Mobile needs male voices to record the survey questions, and welcomes native speakers.

    If you are interested in taking part in the translation or recording side of the survey, or have questions about how broadcasters can get involved, email Levi Goertz as soon as possible at:, or visit the Voto Mobile website at: