March 31, 2008 – Deadline for nominations: Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life

    | March 3, 2008

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    The Women’s World Summit Foundation is seeking nominees for a prize that recognizes women’s contributions to sustainable development, household food security, and peace. The prize aims to draw international attention to the winners’ work, thus generating recognition and support for their projects and activities. Up to 20 women will be given the award for Creativity in Rural Life and receive a $500 prize.
    Submissions must be received by mail (in Geneva, Switzerland), by March 31, 2008. Entries should emphasize any of the following elements:
    -exceptional courage and perseverance in improving rural life;
    -creativity in the approach;
    -preservation of and respect for the environment;
    -continuing impact on the community.
    For more details on the nomination process, as well as information on past winners, visit: