Lorenzo Natali Prize for journalists: deadline August 31, 2010

    | June 28, 2010

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    The Lorenzo Natali Prize recognizes journalists who “…contribute to the cause of development, democracy, and human rights.”

    The prize is open to print, online, radio, and TV journalists working in five regions: Africa, the Arab World and Middle East, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Latin America, and the Caribbean. Submitted work should be related to democracy, development or human rights.

    Applicants should submit one journalistic work or one extract from a journalistic work printed or aired between July 1st 2009 and June 30th 2010. The Lorenzo Natali Prize is organized by The European Commission in partnership with Reporters Without Borders and the World Association of Newspapers and New Publishers.

    For each of the five geographic areas, three entries will be granted a prize and a trophy. The prizes will be as follows:
    1st prize: 5,000 Euros (approximately 6,110 US dollars), 2nd prize: 2,500 Euros (approximately 3,055 US dollars), 3rd prize: 1,500 Euros (approximately 1,835 US dollars). A prize ceremony will be held in December 2010 in Brussels.

    The deadline to apply for the prize is August 31, 2010.

    For more information about the prize and how to apply, visit: http://www.nataliprize2010.eu/content/en/.