Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio

| December 7, 2020

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This award recognizes radio stations and producers who are dedicated to serving women listeners. Their radio programs address and advance gender equality. They may share the experiences and opinions of women, or address issues of concern to women. Farm Radio International developed this award in memory of board member Liz Hughes.

In rural sub-Saharan Africa, women play an important role in farming, family, and the community. Yet they are more likely to experience extreme poverty, malnutrition, and poor health. They are also likely to have less access to and control over resources, including information. It is essential that radio programs serve the needs and interests of women as well as men. In this way, both women and men can benefit from the information shared, and have the potential to contribute to community development. 

The winning broadcast team will receive a certificate and a $1,000 CAD prize in recognition of their excellent work. 

Any radio station in sub-Saharan Africa may apply for this award. This award is for a radio station / program team and broadcasters / station managers should submit on behalf of the team. Stations may submit more than one application if applying on behalf of different programs. Note: “Program” refers to the program as a whole, and “episode” refers to individual (weekly or daily) broadcasts of the program. Please do not submit applications for multiple episodes. Use your best episode as the example in the application, but only one episode per program will be accepted. 

Applicants are asked to submit a recording of their program with their application so that we may hear the quality. Please select an episode that was broadcast in 2020. We understand that programs are broadcast in many local languages. Please provide a transcript so that we can understand what is being discussed in the episode.

Past winners are invited to be part of the judging panel for this award and so are not eligible for applying for 5 years after their win. 

The deadline to apply has been extended to Dec. 30, 2020. Download the application form in English, French, or Swahili.  

Applications will be accepted in English, French, Amharic, Swahili, and Hausa. The episode recording may be in the language of broadcast. Please provide a summary of the episode. Submit your application form, program lineup, and recorded episode to with the subject line: Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio

Meet the past winners:

2019: Voice of Kigezi’s B’Omugaiga program 
2020: Uganda Community Green Raido’s Nyinabwenge program