June 30th, 2008: Deadline to apply for Lorenzo Natali Prize

    | June 9, 2008

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    Print and broadcast journalists committed to the fight for human rights and democracy in the developing world are invited to submit one journalistic work printed or aired between January 1, 2007, and June 30, 2008, (in one of the European Commission’s 23 official languages) to this year’s Lorenzo Natali Prize.
    The Lorenzo Natali Prize, named after a former European Commission official in charge of cooperation and development, offers awards to journalists working in one of the five following regions: Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and the Arab World and the Middle East.

    For each region, prizes will be awarded to the three best entries. First prize winners will receive 5,000 Euros (US $7,700), second prize winners will get 2,500 Euros (US $3,900), and third prize winners 1,500 Euros (US $2,300). The best overall entry will also receive an additional grand prize of 5,000 Euros (US$ 7,700).
    For more information or to apply, contact: info@prixnatali2008.eu. You can also fill out the online entry form at the following address: http://www.nataliprize2008.eu/en/registration/index.php.

    For more information on the organizers, partners, and contest rules, and for answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, visit: http://www.nataliprize2008.eu/en/index.htm.