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July 31, 2009: Deadline for submitting a proposal to CTA seminar on media and agricultural development

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) invites proposals/abstracts for papers or multi-media presentations for its upcoming seminar on the “Role of the media in agricultural development in ACP countries.” The meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium, and attended by over 150 experts from the six ACP regions (Central, East, Southern and West Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific), European Union national institutions, and regional and international organizations that represent the main professions at the interface of media, agriculture and rural development.

Proposals/abstracts may deal with the challenges and problems of media in agricultural and rural development, including:
-Media coverage of agricultural and rural development issues
-Communication between media and other agricultural and rural development players, especially rural community stakeholders
-Contribution of the media to agricultural policy, programming and knowledge management
-Capacity of media to address issues of agricultural and rural development

Or they might be case studies on the media and specific issues in agricultural and rural development:
-Media and climate change
-Media and gender equality
-Media and water and drylands management
-Media and agricultural extension and learning

The deadline to submit abstracts/proposals is July 31, 2009. For more information on how to submit a proposal, visit: http://annualseminar2009.cta.int/call-for-proposals [1]. Accepted presenters or panelists from ACP countries may apply for sponsorship to attend the conference.