Journalists invited to African Media Technology Conference

    | July 20, 2009

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    Journalists interested in new media technologies are invited to attend a conference on new practices and technologies in media training in Lagos, Nigeria from August 23-27.

    Organized by the School of Media and Communication at Pan-African University in Lagos, the conference focuses on the revolution in traditional media and the development of media forms such as citizen journalism, social networks, blogs, and news bulletins. The conference will host specialists in media, education, science and technology, and will address issues of media infrastructure, capacity building, and government policy.

    The conference fee is 10,000 Nigerian naira (approximately 67 American dollars or 48 Euros) for Nigerian journalists and 100 American dollars (approximately 70 Euros) for all other African journalists. African journalists can also apply for funding to cover the costs of travel and accommodation.

    For more information, visit, or contact Tayo Akinyede at