Join our online discussion on unpaid care work

| February 2, 2024

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It takes a lot of hard work to keep a family healthy and happy – and many of these tasks are unpaid and frequently undervalued. Caring for children, older persons and persons with long term illness or disabilities – while essential in society – is often unnoticed, unappreciated and is highly gendered. Cooking, personal care, cleaning, collecting firewood or shopping are part of the care economy, in which women are disproportionately represented. All of these tasks are part of the informal unpaid care work sector.  When women spend a significant portion of their day on these important tasks, it often restricts their life opportunities such as education and employment, and affects social engagement and leisure time – with repercussions on women’s health and poverty levels. How can these unpaid care tasks be more equitably shared among family members? How can these great contributions be valued and appreciated?

For four weeks, Farm Radio International will offer broadcasters and stakeholders an online discussion on unpaid care work, from Feb 12 to March 8.

The online discussion will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding unpaid care work
  • Social norms related to unpaid care work
  • What is the impact of the social norms and attitudes on how unpaid care work is distributed
  • What are the resources and infrastructure required to support those involved in unpaid care work?
  • Addressing unpaid care on air

We will address these topics in a facilitated online discussion, which will be conducted in English and French. If you are interested in joining the discussion in English, join our WhatsApp group:

If you are interested in joining the discussion in French, join our WhatsApp group: