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Grant for nine-month investigative reporting project

Coda Story is now accepting applications for a grant to support a nine-month investigative reporting project.

As part of their application, journalists must submit:

Applicants require a high level of written and spoken English and at least five years of reporting experience.

The successful applicant will receive a grant of $16,000 USD to complete an article or series of articles on at least one of the following subjects: disinformation, authoritarian technology, and the war on science. This grant can be used to cover compensation and travel expenses for six months of reporting and two to three months of editing.

The deadline for submissions is March 29, 2020. Finalists will be interviewed in mid-April, and the fellowship will begin in May/June 2020.

For more information, go to: https://codastory.com/careers/bruno-fellowship-2020/ [1]