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Global Shining Light Award

The Global Shining Light Award, sponsored by the Global Investigative Journalism Network, recognizes investigative reporting from a journalist, journalism team, or media outlet in a developing or transitioning country. This award recognizes and celebrates the work of courageous investigative journalists in uncovering the truth, exposing corruption, and providing accountability.

The criteria for submissions are as follows:

The story originated in and affected a developing or emerging country.

It was broadcast or published between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018.

The nature of the story was investigative.

It uncovered an issue, wrongdoing, or system of corruption that gravely affected the common good.

It did so in the face of arrest, imprisonment, violence against journalists and their families, or threats and intimidation.

There are two award categories: small and medium outlets (organizations with a staff of 10 or less, including freelancers), and large outlets (organizations with more than 10 staff).

If the original entry is not in English, please provide a detailed English-language summary of a print or online story or an English-language transcript of a broadcast script.

The winners will receive an honorary plaque, $2,000 US, and a trip to the 2019 Global Investigative Journalism Conference, taking place from Sept. 26 to 29, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

For more information, and to complete the online application form, visit: https://gijn.org/awards/ [1].

Questions about the award should be emailed to shininglightaward@gijn.org.

The deadline to apply is May 19, 2019.