Global Landscape Forum Conference

    | September 15, 2023

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    The Global Landscape Forum will host a two-day global event on Oct. 11-12. Discover how Africa can lead the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future on October 11. From green jobs to climate finance, from agriculture to the power of rural women, the continent’s future lies in building sovereign solutions to the many challenges ahead.

    On October 12, you can join 6,000 other participants in creating a survival guide for a planet in crisis, and add your voice to our call for climate justice before COP28. Learn about adaptation, carbon markets, wildlife management and much more, and join a Dragons’ Den session for sustainable projects hosted by Luxembourg.

    You can join the global conversation online for free or pay what you want to support the landscape movement. You have access to every session, whether you are joining us online or in person.
    For more information: GLF Nairobi Conference 2023: Registration (