Farm Radio International offers new COVID-19 support funds in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal

| January 18, 2021

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FRI is now offering COVID-19 support f unds to radio stations that wish to create and broadcast programs on COVID-19. Eligible stations must be located and legally registered in Burkina Faso, Mali, or Senegal, specifically within the following regions targeted in the Scaling Her Voice project (Boucle du Mouhoum and Hauts Bassins in Burkina Faso; Sikasso and Ségou in Mali; and Matam and Kolda in Senegal).

If your application is successful, your station will receive a grant of up to $2,500 Canadian dollars, based on the cost of the planned programming.

The funds must be used to create and broadcast programs on COVID-19 with 1) essential, 2) gender-specific, and 3) accurate information. Programs may include campaigns, spots, interviews, dramas, and other types of programming .

No material purchases are allowed. Telephone and internet credit is permitted.

To benefit from the support fund, your radio station must :

  • Produce programs in a language used by local communities
  • Be or become a Farm Radio International broadcasting partner
  • Agree to use the funds within 90 days of receiving funding
  • Agree to provide all necessary reports, including :
    • A work plan
    • A financial report of estimated costs
    • A financial report of actual costs
    • A narrative report
    • Recordings of the final product(s)
    • Proof of receipt, if applicable

Your application must include:

  • An outline of the content that the programming will address.
  • Specific details on how each program will provide 1) essential, 2) gender-responsive, and 3) accurate information on COVID-19.
  • A plan to produce and broadcast programs within 90 days of receiving funding.

You must submit your application by filling out the appropriate application form for your country :

Burkina Faso:



A radio station can submit only one application. The deadline to apply is January 22, 2021.