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FAIR African Investigative Journalism Award: Deadline 30th September 2010

The Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) is a professional association of investigative journalists in Africa. Part of its role is to help investigative journalists support each other in their work and overcome the obstacles they face.

Each year, FAIR presents the African Investigative Journalism Awards. The awards encompass radio, online, print and TV journalism. The journalistic piece submitted must have been published in print or broadcast on the radio or on TV between 1 July 2009 and 1 July 2010. Applications are accepted in English, French and Portuguese.

There are three FAIR Awards: first prize, runner-up, and the Editors’ Courage Award. The latter is given to an editor who has withstood pressure to (self) censor a good story or program, yet still published or aired the piece.

Three prizes will be awarded: African Investigative Journalism Award EUR 4.000 (about 5,100 American dollars); Runner-up EUR  2.500 (about 3,200 American dollars) and Editors’ Courage Award EUR  3.500 (about 4,500 American dollars)

For full details in English on how to enter, see this website [1].