e-Discussion: Collaboration

| October 14, 2019

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Farm Radio International will be offering an e-Discussion for broadcasters and stakeholders in November on the topic of collaboration. Stakeholders include extension workers, researchers, and women’s organizations. Collaboration between these groups can help improve the quality of information shared by radio programs.

The e-Discussion will take place over four weeks, from Nov. 4 to Nov. 29.

The e-Discussion will focus on topics such as:

– The benefits of broadcasters and stakeholders collaborating on farmer programs.
– The challenges broadcasters and stakeholders face in collaborating with each other.
– What broadcasters and stakeholders should keep in mind for a radio program interview.
– Strategies for sustainable collaboration between radio broadcasters and stakeholders.
– How collaboration with stakeholder groups helps radio programs address gender issues.

To sign up for the e-Discussion, go to: http://discussion.farmradio.fm/collaboration