Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards

    | March 14, 2011

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    The Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards recognize journalists and editors who provide high quality coverage of the business environment in Africa. Journalists from around the world are invited to submit their work.

    There are eleven categories, including environment features, ICT, tourism and green business. Radio, blogs, podcasts, online content, print, and TV entries are all eligible. To qualify, submissions must have been published or broadcast between April 18, 2010 − March 20, 2011. Entries must reach the secretariat by 21 March 2011.

    Submissions should demonstrate: -Groundbreaking journalism that provides excellent insight, analysis and clarity of the business climate

    -Content supported by investigative research that has “gone the extra mile”

    -A clear and balanced presentation of the issue/s involved

    -Journalistic flair − a style that is engaging, thought-provoking and accessible to its audience.

    A gala awards ceremony will be held on June 20, 2011 in London. For more information, and details of how to submit your work, visit: http://tinyurl.com/28kr8cv