December 18: Celebrate International Migrants Day with Radio 1812!

    | October 26, 2009

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    December 18 is International Migrants Day. On this occasion, events aimed at addressing migration-related issues are organized around the world. To mark the day, the International Resource Centre on the Rights of Migrant Workers once again invites radio organizations to be part of the worldwide radio marathon project Radio 1812 on December 18.

    Last year, 175 radio stations from 48 countries took part in Radio 1812. Participants are encouraged to explore and discuss the issues facing millions of migrant workers every day. In order to mark this special day, participating radio organizations produce, broadcast, and share programs dedicated to migrants. The programs show solidarity with migrant workers and promote public awareness of migrant issue.

    In Brussels, the December 18 team will gather audio material as it is broadcast or made available by the participating radio stations, and then post it on the 1812 website:

    Throughout the day, listeners will be able to hear a special play list and download the programs for re-broadcast.

    To learn more about how your radio organization can participate, visit: