Call for entries: CAADP Journalist of the Year Awards

    | February 3, 2014

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    The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) is an Africa-wide initiative to revitalize agriculture, food security and nutrition.

    The CAADP Journalists Network is launching its first CAADP Journalist of the Year Awards. Awards will be presented in four categories: news articles, features and general stories; videos, documentaries and television broadcasts; radio and audio broadcasts, and; photographs.

    Journalists can compete in only one of these categories under any of the following themes: (1) extending the area under sustainable land management; (2) improving rural infrastructure and trade-related capacities for market access; (3); increasing food supply and reducing hunger, and; (4) agricultural research, technology dissemination and adoption.

    Journalists who are residents of African Union member states are invited to submit one entry (article, video, audio or photo). The application form is available here:

    The deadline for entries is February 15, 2014.

    For more information, go to: