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Alibi Investigations podcast training

Alibi Investigations invites journalists from around the world to apply for free training and mentoring on how to create investigative podcasts. If journalists have a story that they want to turn into an investigative podcast series, Alibi Investigations has the tools and staff to help them achieve this goal. The organization is building a community of journalists of all levels of experience and helping meet their needs. This can mean engaging in a full end-to-end podcast production, or it can mean a few sessions and some well-placed advice for someone who is still experimenting. Alibi Investigations encourages journalists to meet and interact with each other and brings together freelancers and newsrooms from all over in the pursuit of better investigative podcasts. 

Journalists are invited to participate in their free online podcasting and will have access to group sessions on producing investigative podcasts that cover creating narratives, writing, and editing. 

The group training environment helps create a large community of investigative podcasters. Journalists are encouraged to produce their series in their own languages as well as in English. The podcast episodes are broadcast as part of the Alibi series on local radio or as independent podcasts. Alibi reaches a regional and international audience and assesses the impact of each series, seeking real accountability from those in power. All this helps to expand investigative podcasts  in Africa and build more diverse, exciting seasons of Alibi.

Alibi Investigations also has a resource library and YouTube training channel to help teach the skills of creating investigative podcasts to as many journalists as possible.

For more information, go to:  Our Network — Develop Audio [1]