A guide for journalists on how to tell better stories about Africa

    | May 30, 2022

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    The Thompson Foundation, Africa No Filter, and bird story agency have created a free, self-guided online course for journalists about how to tell better stories about Africa. The course aims to help journalists develop a fresh reporting style and move away from stereotypes about Africa rooted in conflict, disease, poverty, corruption, and poor leadership.

    The course will cover the following topics: 

    • How to challenge the stereotypical image of Africa and Africans
    • The importance of understanding your audience
    • The need to include new voices
    • How to source and verify stories and information
    • Key ingredients of storytelling and story structure
    • New ways of telling stories for digital audiences

    The course is available in English only, on an ongoing basis. For more information and to enroll, go to: https://thomsonfoundation.edcastcloud.com/learn/african-stories-a-guide-for-journalists-on-how-to-tell-better-stories-about-africa-self-paced#