2014: The International Year of Family Farming

    | December 15, 2013

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    The United Nations has launched the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, or 2014 IYFF, to stress the vast potential family farmers have to eradicate hunger and preserve natural resources.

    Family farming can provide food security and nutrition, improve livelihoods, manage natural resources, protect the environment, and achieve sustainable development, particularly in rural areas. Family farming is the predominant form of agriculture in Africa, but also in many other regions of the world.

    The goal of the 2014 IYFF is to reposition family farming at the centre of policies in national agendas. The 2014 IYFF will help to promote discussions to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by smallholders, and help identify efficient ways to support family farmers.

    To find out more about the aims of the year, please visit the 2014 IYFF pages on the website of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. The home page, with links to events and resources in English and French, is available through this address: http://www.fao.org/family-farming-2014/home/en/.