Zimbabwe: Project promotes earthworms to improve soil fertility

| November 9, 2015

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A project in Zimbabwe is promoting the use of earthworms to help the country’s small-scale farmers improve soil fertility.

Ephraim Whingiri is CEO of Zim Earthworm Farms. He says earthworms eat organic wastes, and their faeces are more potent than ordinary compost at improving soil fertility and boosting crop yields.

Mr. Whingiri says that using earthworms is cheap and can alleviate poverty. Small-scale farmers can also breed and sell earthworms to generate income.

Tracy Kashanje was one of 100 small-scale farmers trained to produce organic fertilizer and compost from earthworms. The project gave starting populations of earthworms to Ms. Kashanje and other farmers. She says, “It is cost effective, as I sell earthworms and also use … [the fertilizer] as manure. Organic farming has increased my harvest.”

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Photo credit: Gallo Images/Thinkstock