World Health Organization: Ebola will persist in 2015, and aid funds lacking

| June 8, 2015

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The World Health Organization, or WHO, warns that the effort to stamp out the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is expected to last until the end of 2015—and may require longer because of dwindling funds.

Dr. Bruce Aylward is WHO’s Special Representative for Ebola. He says: “When you look at the case numbers [in Guinea and Sierra Leone] today, this is where Liberia was in January. As you know, it took Liberia four months to get from those numbers to zero.”

Dr. Aylward says that Ebola is now concentrated in coastal areas of Guinea and the densely-populated slum areas near Freetown in Sierra Leone.

He adds, “There is no reason that Ebola cannot be beaten, but financing is increasingly becoming the most glaring potential reason for failure.”

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Photo: Survivor of Ebola virus Stanley Juah weeps at his son’s grave at a cemetery for victims of Ebola virus in Suakoko, Liberia, March 11, 2015. Credit: REUTERS/James Giahyue