Uganda: Researching the ‘best bean’—Masindi yellow

| April 18, 2016

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Farmers in Uganda have identified the “best bean.” They chose the local variety, Masindi yellow, as the best, based on yield, marketability, and resilience to climate change.

More than 350 farmers in the Hoima and Rakai districts of Uganda participated in a research project, growing a variety of beans during the two planting seasons of 2013.

The farmers reported that they preferred the Masindi bean. This bean fetches a good price in the market, and is also a delicious—and easy-to-cook—bean for family meals.

Godfrey Kairagura is a 50-year-old farmer from Kyabigambire, in Hoima district, in the western hills of Uganda. He says, “[This project] trained us how to plant beans better, and how to plant different selections.”

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Photo credit: Neil Palmer (CIAT)