Tanzania: Protestors say politicians should be ashamed of silence over albino killings

| March 9, 2015

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Tanzanian police last week banned demonstrators from marching through Dar es Salaam to protest attacks and murders of albinos, whose body parts are highly valued in witchcraft. A police statement said the police force was concerned about possible violence during the protest.

A 2010 survey found that 60 per cent of Tanzanians believe that traditional healers use magic. The government recently banned “witch doctors” in an attempt to stop the trade in albino body parts for use in spells.

Vicky Ntetema is head of Under The Same Sun, an NGO dedicated to defending albinos. She says: “When a person with albinism has been murdered or mutilated … you don’t hear leaders from the central government decrying [it]. It’s something that the government has to be ashamed of.”

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Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba – BELGAIMAGE