Sudan: Rape victims will no longer be punished for adultery

| May 4, 2015

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Sudan has overhauled a law that led to rape victims being put on trial for adultery, a crime punishable by jail, flogging or even stoning.

The change comes a year after a case which sparked international outrage. A young Ethiopian woman in Sudan was convicted of committing indecent acts after being gang-raped.

Hikma Ahmed helped defend the Ethiopian woman. The lawyer says: “In the past, the law was confusing and very problematic. This amendment is very helpful for rape victims or survivors seeking justice, and it is also helpful for us lawyers who are supporting these women in court.”

Jane Serwanga is a lawyer for the international human rights group, Equality Now. She says, “The change in [the] law is a cause for celebration. It is also a positive example for other countries.”

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Photo credit:  AP/Abd Raouf